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Put some quality on the menu with Welsh Lamb Blythburgh Pork - Genuine Free Range
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Product ID: FRP368
Belly of pork

Price: £19.95
Product ID: WL353
Boneless rolled shoulder

Price: £15.95
Product ID: CHK334
Chicken supreme in garlic

Price: £4.95
Product ID: SP03
Eynon's Steak box

Price: £50.00
Product ID: WL352
Leg of lamb cut up

Price: £29.95
Product ID: SB02
Meat box for two

Price: £50.00
Product ID: SB01
Meat for a week

Price: £50.00
Product ID: WL354
Minted shoulder boned & rolled

Price: £16.95
Product ID: SAUS122
Pork sausage

Price: £2.65
Product ID: FRP362
Pork Valentine steaks

Price: £5.25
Product ID: SB326
Scottish diced beef steak

Price: £7.95
Product ID: SB318
Scottish Fillet-Tournedos

Price: £42.95
Product ID: SB320
Scottish Sirloin Steak

Price: £22.95
Product ID: WL347
Sliced Lamb Rump

Price: £7.50
Product ID: OPTION10
Thick Pork Chops with Apple Sauce

Price: £23.95
Product ID: WB311
Welsh diced beef steak

Price: £7.95
Product ID: WB308
Welsh Rib Eye Steak

Price: £22.95
Product ID: WB312
Welsh steak mince

Price: £6.95

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